Creative Assembly “disheartened” by Total War: Warhammer pre-order DLC upset

Total War Warhammer Dwarf Artillery

Total War: the name couldn’t sound any more all-encompassing, but some 9,000 would-be Warhammer players have signed a petition started a month ago – requesting that Creative Assembly’s latest be ‘complete’ upon release. The upset was triggered by Chaos Warriors, who the developers revealed would be playable only via pre-order DLC. And Creative Assembly were upset in turn.

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“It’s disheartening, you know,” designer Rich Aldridge told Eurogamer. “You never like to see there being a negative aspect of the game, but it seems to be something which is becoming, sadly, a more common trend with a number of games.

“I’d just like to stress that we feel that by adding the additional content that actually the users get a far better game in the long term. And, obviously, it is their decision whether they wish to purchase now or in the future. We leave that open to them.”

Elsewhere, Creative Assembly have explained that they simply wouldn’t have had the resources to include Chaos, “a very important race”, without the extra funds raised through pre-orders.

“We didn’t want to disappoint people,” said Aldridge. “We actually thought by adding more content, that would make it an exciting pre-order proposition for them. But certainly all of the criticism that we’ve taken and the comments that have been made, we have been absorbing and taking on board for future products.”