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There weren’t enough Warhammer games, so GOG released some more


Some good old ones, natch. While Games Workshop license announcements continue to impact against our bow every second day, GOG have gone and put three more titles up for purchase. Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate, Final Liberation: Epic 40,000 and Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat are now all available through the web store. They all fit into a broad strategy mold but each uses a different engine and is based on a different tabletop game system. Summaries below, along with a round up of all currently in development Warhammer licensed games.

Chaos Gate is an XCOM-ish about a bunch of Ultramarines chasing down a Chaos Lord and a powerful artifact. Originally released in 1998, it’s packed with RPG elements, weaponry, gear and isometric maps. Based on quotes from reviews at the time, it seems to also attempt to emulate some of the systems of the tabletop so expect psychic powers, vehicles and a lot of death.

Final Liberation is based on the larger scale, smaller model Epic 40k spin-of about towering two-legged war-machines called Titans battling it out as legions of allies scurry, sometimes literally, underfoot. It’s by the same chaps as Chaos Gate, but the larger scale means a different system is in place, and it was released earlier in 1997. It’s about as close to a cross between hardcore WW2 sims and Warhammer as we’re likely to get.

Finally, Shadow of the Horned Rat is from all the way back in 1995 and is based on Warhammer Fantasy, the original goblins ‘n’ magic variety. It’s real-time unlike the other offerings and involves building a small army up to a formidable force to defend against the ratmen and other horrible beasts. I haven’t played it, but do know it’s regarded as a classic by a not-insignificant contingent of Warhammer fans and strategy folks alike.

Now, as for what’s upcoming, Games Workshop’s current digital plan seems to be to just throw kitchen sinks at the wall until one breaks through. The problem is that many of these projects look pretty low-budget and it’s mathematically unlikely that all will be quality products once they reach our monitors. Still, here’s what’s happening.

On the 40k side:

  • Inquisitor – Martyr, an action RPG about, we assume, killing xenos and heretics. There’s also hefty promises of long-running support.
  • Dark Nexus Arena, a MOBA about impressing Dark Eldar with gruesome executions and soul sucking.
  • Eternal Crusade, the MMO that has been in development for what feels like a decade.
  • Regicide, kinda-but-not Chess with frag grenades and heavy bolters. Currently in Early Access.
  • Space Hulk: Deathwing, an FPS in the shape of L4D with genestealers and chainfists over zombies and baseball bats.
  • Dawn of War 3, much rumoured RTS follow-up delayed by the death of THQ.
  • Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, space RTSing with big capital ships and flying cathedrals.

While for Fantasy:

So, you know, just a couple. And that’s just to PC, there’s an assortment of mobile titles and other tidbits too. Hope you like Orks.