Total War: Warhammer Empire walkthrough shows off Emperors, courts and the Chaos Wastes

Total War Warhammer empire campaign

Total War: Warhammer, the game that I still can’t really believe exists and regularly pinch myself whenever it comes up, has another trailer. Similar to the previous Greenskins Campaign video, it shows off the strategic layer of the game, but this time from the Empire perspective. With the caveats that they’re still a little while from release, it gives a good representation of what you’ll be getting up to minute-to-minute in the game come April 28th.

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Let a calm-voiced member of Creative Assembly explain it all to you:

As someone who hasn’t played a Total War game properly since the original Rome, I’m so very happy that my first re-exposure to the series will be this. If it could have been 40k, well, I’d be a little puddle of excitable liquids right now from hyping myself up too much, but it will do just fine.

The fantasy elements they’re adding slot so well into the formula it’s amazing that it has taken this long for them to do it. No wonder mods managed to do Total War fantasyall these years. Now it’s about seeing just how far away from each other CA can push each faction while maintaining the battles and management that make Total War so strong when it’s done right. Empire is one of the ones that won’t be so challenging, roughly analogous to TW mainstay medieval europe as it is, but something like the Chaos tribes or the Vampire Counts – they need to be very different.

We’ll see how they did in a little over two months time. Delayed a month from an original March release date, hopefully that means it’s extra polished on launch.