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Total War: Warhammer gets chivalrous with the playable Bretonnian faction

Total War: Warhammer Bretonnia

If you prefer your Total War games to be filled with colourful medieval knights with fancy liveries and sparkling lances, then you don’t need to go back to Total War: Medieval 2. Creative Assembly and Sega have confirmed that Total War: Warhammer will let armchair generals send the Bretonnian knights into battle, but not in the campaign. 

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While the Bretonnian faction won’t be playable in the main campaign, you will be able to take charge of them in custom battles against the AI or dastardly human opponents. To give you an idea of how these chivalric warriors play, take a gander at a battle between them and the Vampire Counts.

Here’s what Creative Assembly have to say about them:

“Characterised by a range of powerful armoured units, including the iconic barded warhorses and flying Pegasus Knights; Bretonnian battle tactics frequently revolve around shattering and unstoppable charges. Also of note is the devastating Trebuchet artillery, and the numerous massed ranks of archers, capable of filling the air with swarms of arrows. While Bretonnian armies might lack the huge monsters that other races can often employ, they can bring to bear powerful magic users in the guise of Enchantresses; capable not only of offensive spells but also powerful buffs to further enhance their knights to superhuman levels.”

Total War: Warhammer is due out on May 24.