Total War: Warhammer’s Dwarfen Artillery looks a booming good time

Total War Warhammer Dwarf Artillery

Creative Assembly have been making several ‘Introducing…’ trailers to show off the new and interesting Total War: Warhammer units. They may be pretty unfamiliar to players used to Roman Centaurians and Medieval Knights, so it’s a cool idea, and shows the transition between static models to animated in-game asset. Today’s video shows off Dwarfen Artillery, and they look really great.

Since this is Warhammer dwarfs we’re looking at, their artillery units are naturally exceptionally ornate, and absurdly designed. Why have a single barrelled cannon when you can have four? On show here is the Grudge-Thrower Catapult, the Organ Gun, and the Flame Cannon. Each looks as fun as the last to field in battle, and presumably decimates enemies with perfectly-engineered efficiency.

Total War: Warhammer releases sometime in 2016.