Total War: Warhammer trailer covers primal appeal of Savage Orc Big ‘Uns (and their boars)

Total War: Warhammer

The Old World’s orcs might embrace the curly-cuh spelling of Tolkien, but they share the dialect of their kicking-kay brethren in Warhammer 40K. Among their literally-named ranks are the Arrer Boyz, the diminutive snotlings and, revealed in the latest Total Warhammer trailer, the Big ‘Uns.

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The biggest orcs are the strongest, and the particular specimens on show here are from the primeval Savage Orc tribes. They ride on boar-back in nothing but a loincloth and blue warpaint.

In the footage below you can see them charge, glimpse the finished game’s box art, and hear the nice voice-over lady enunciate ‘da old wayz’:

Total War: Warhammer will arrive on April 28th, crashing onto our summer Steam wishlists like a goblin doomdiver. Reckon you’ll guide the greenskins to victory?