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Total War: Warhammer unrobes the Master Necromancer; beware his terrible teeth

Total War: Warhammer

Whatever instinct stopped Creative Assembly from calling their game Total Warhammer is clearly also blocking this chap from his deserved title of Necromaster. He’s a striking figure, though: a magician with a persecution complex so strong it drove him to embrace the vengeful power of the undead and leave his own humanity behind. Bonus: he comes with a horse.

Could Total War: Warhammer be one of the best PC games of 2016?

Let the UK’s premier strategy studio take you through the process of his creation: from concept art to cackling field-mage.

The Master Necromancer may be at the top of his hierarchy, but he sits below the Vampire Counts – dread leaders of one of Total War: Warhammer’s four playable races.

Beyond them, there’s the Empire, Dwarfs and Greenskins to pick from. Who do you think you’ll double-click into the fray?