Landfall Games begin open alpha for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Clustertruck developer Landfall Games has just started the open alpha for its creatively named strategy game, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. As the game suggests, it involves players crafting totally accurate battles, where Roman shieldbearers go up against Napoleonic rifleman or Viking spear throwers charge large howitzer columns. If you looking for the most authentic of military simulators, this is maybe not the game to pick.

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For hilarious battles where cannons end up firing upside down and whole lines of men can be impaled on a single spear, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator can’t be beat. This open alpha offers a revamped army builder compared to previous versions, complete with some new units and even wobblier soldiers to be sent flying. There are even Trump and Hillary units in this build, so one can only imagine some of the skirmishes that will result from their inclusion.

Similar to a game like Gratuitous Space Battles, the main strategy comes from selecting and placing the right units on the battlefield, as the AI controls your soldiers’ actions once the battle begins. Again, it’s unlikely you’ll be reenacting the Battle of Waterloo here but the comedic value of seeing soldiers ragdolling round the battlefield is pretty enticing.

Check out the trailer above to see the silliness of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator in motion and head over to its official site if you want access to the open alpha. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is set to release on PC in summer 2017.