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Amazons: Total War guarantees delivery of incendiary weapons, female cavalry and a new campaign map for Rome


Amazons: Total War is one of those complete overhaul, underhaul, wombling free mods that Creative Assembly games seem to have an abundance of. The total conversion introduces the soon-to-be-sequelled Rome: Total War to an entirely new campaign map, which covers Eurasia, India, and everything inbetween. There, players will find Amazon archers, war elephants and new incendiary weapons.

Mod team ParthianShot have just released version 7.0, advertised here with a new trailer that sees Amazonian ladies running in the long grass with their bums outs – something the Romans were notoriously unable to abide:

I suppose this is close as the Total War community ever gets to a nude skins mod, which is absolutely something to be grateful for.

Amazons: Total War’s apparently enjoyed 20,000 downloads to date – a phenomenal number to find attributed to the community of a nearly nine year old(!) game. It’s certainly testament to the sheer wealth of new stuff ParthianShot have added to Rome. I’m particularly fascinated by new Roman field engineers and long-range mobile artillery, which reportedly infuse the game with the potential for “German Panzer-like tactics”.

Download it here, and let us know whatcha think.

Thanks, Destructoid.