Creative Assembly’s Alien will reference original Ridley Scott film, leaked image suggests


Between some leaked animations from Obsidian’s Aliens RPG and the release of Gearbox / TimeGate’s Colonial Marines – though the latter didn’t so much ‘release’ as tumble like a hidden cadaver from a train station locker – the internet is awash with images of half-finished Xenomorphs and chrome corridors at the moment.

Add to that list the above blurred photograph of Creative Assembly’s Alien game, which leaves the faintest scent of a narrative link to Ridley Scott’s Alien in its wake.

The image was spotted in a since-removed office photo on the background of the official CA Twitter account. It features a female crash test dummy in a t-shirt, on the sleeve of which you might recognise the emblem of the Nostromo – the ship on which the events of the original film took place.

Have a mosey about the Creative Assembly jobs page and you’ll find reference to a “AAA Alien licensed title”, though it’s currently credited to the developers’ console team only. Do you think it’ll ever make it to PC? Bear in mind that one console-exclusive CA Viking game, Battle of Asgard, has already made its way to Steam in the last year.

Thanks to AvP Galaxy and CVG for this one.