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Creative Assembly’s Total War Battles team will make Netbook, laptop and Microsoft Surface-suitable games; iPhone merely “a good first target”


Total War Battles: Shogun had barely managed to spread its scent around the App Store before it started rubbing itself against Steam. “iPhone port!”, we squealed, before having our mouths forcibly shut by its undeniable quality. Shogun is the first shot fired by a team at Creative Assembly put together to work on “mid-core” games – not casual fare, but deep strategy to be played on lesser-powered devices, including wee PCs like tablets and laptops.

“The plan was to address the entire digital space, and you obviously have to start somewhere,” said Total War Battles lead designer Renaud Charpentier. “Smartphones are just the harder thing to do, so it was a good first target, but our plan for what to do next was really to become a digital team that will address all the devices and stores that you have access to.”

“Whatever you have in your pocket – a netbook, a laptop, a Microsoft Surface – it will be fast to download, and it will have deeper gameplay,” Charpentier told GamesIndustry.

“There are many tap-tap casual games, but that’s not what Total War is about and it’s not what Creative Assembly is about. We’re doing mid-core games, and there’s a lot of room for that. Casual games on smartphones and Facebook are introducing games to many people, but over time they will want something more.”

Have you played Total War Battles: Shogun? What did you think?