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Go Medieval on a moblin or 30 in Hyrule: Total War 3.0


You know the sort of mods that get people jobs? Hyrule: Total War is one of those. It so impressed our Paul last year that he hunted down then-21-year-old modder UndyingNephalim, who turned out to be every bit the tireless creator his total conversion for Medieval 2 would suggest.

Now in version 3.0, Hyrule: Total War is as close to providing a complete picture of Zelda’s realm at battle as you could ask for. Cue trailer.

As you can see, Nephalim’s mod instils Medieval 2 with a sense of grandeur to complement its grand scale. Also blue marching men, mustachioed trees, overlarge scorpions and beasts with great, googly eyes. Download it here.

But even with 19 factions, custom settlements, a campaign mode and four missions of a ‘Hyrule Historia Campaign’ to its name, Hyrule: Total War’s final version remains ‘TBD’. I wonder what constitutes total, feature-complete war?

Thanks, PC Gamer.