Napoleon: Total War DLC available on Steam now – Imperial Eagle Pack and Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars


Where does Napoleon keep his armies? On Steam, that’s where. Sega has today released two new unit packs for Napoleon: Total War, making available units that were previously only available as either pre-order bonuses or to those who purchased special editions of the game. The Imperial Eagle Pack includes the Pavlograd Hussars, the Royal Scots Greys and the HMS Elephant. Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars meanwhile features even more Hussars alongside the Brandenburg Uhlans. What’s a Brandenburg Uhlan? I don’t know but it sounds delicious.

The packs cost £1.99 each, and introduce between them 21 exclusive elite units. Complete lists of the additional units can be found on the Steam store pages for the Imperial Eagle Pack and Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars.

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