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Plan your road to victory with this interactive Rome II map


If you’re itching to get to work on conquering Roman empire, then I have just the thing for you. Creative Assembly have just released an interactive campaign map planner, letting you plot, calculate and prepare your conquest. The games out in September, which is only two months away.

The fancy map is here. All once you’re done exploring, choose a faction from the panel and begin plotting your moves. You can hover over each faction to view unique traits and units, and see who they are inherently at war with. You don’t want to be starting off with enemies at your front door, or do you?

Here’s my map

It might be hard to tell, but I started off as Sparta. However shortly after taking the reins, Athens wanted my stuff and an epic battle unfolded. I thought my modest handful of Spartans would be able to fend of the thousands of units, but reality thought differently. I lost my land and instead took my remaining Spartan brothers all the way to, Scotland.

It’s ok, our beards keeps out the cold.