Rally Point: Napoleon Special; “it was the game that Empire should have been” says Creative Assembly’s Tim Heaton.


The latest edition of Creative Assembly’s Rally Point vodcast is now available, with a behind-the-scenes look at Napoleon: Total War to celebrate the release of all the retailer exclusive and collector’s edition DLC on Steam. It’s packed full of little tidbits about the games – for example, Lead Writer Mike Brunton revealed that the typical Total War game features between 150,000 and 300,000 words. And that they’re not all ‘chaaaaaaarge!’ You can watch the video after the cut.

The behind the scenes look at Napoleon, features very, very short interviews with the Creative Assembly team including Campaign Designer Dom Starr, Lead Unit Designer Jack Lusted, Studio Director Tim Heaton, Lead Writer Mike Brunton, and multiplayer programmer Alex De Rosee, amongst others.

There were also free tickets to the Rezzed PC games show in Brighton, UK being given away on the show. At Rezzed they’ll be revealing the future of Total War. Which will be nice.