Rome 2 ‘Faces of War’ trailer has: Dogs! Knives! Sex! Backstabbing! Skullduggery!


In lieu of actual game footage (it’s only been in development for eight months, give Creative Assembly a break), there’s a live-action Total War: Rome 2 trailer that attempts to evoke the kind of experience we’re going to have playing the game. Only there’ll be less sex when you’re an omnipotent but body-less commander with an aerial view of everything. Probably about as many dogs, though. 

It’s riddled with slow-motion and lovely classical music, and everything seems only slightly sinister before all the knives come out and everyone looks shocked. Why would they be shocked? There were no knife-laws in Rome. Everyonecarried around at least six inches of steel in their pocket. I think sneaky backstabs were a daily occurrence. That’s why we needed to bring the laws in. It was all getting a little silly.
Speaking of a little silly, here’s the trailer.

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