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Total War: Rome 2 Let’s Play sees Egyptians scattered in a manner you or I probably couldn’t recreate


Total War: Rome 2 is out now; here’s our Total War: Rome 2 review.

Relatively uncostly victory, thy name is Al Bickham. The Creative Assembly communications manager is at the mouse for the duration of this 14 minute Let’s Play video. Or should I say, Let’s-Play-an-unreleased-game-from-the-offices-of-the-team-what-done-it video. But who’s complaining when we’re being shown the minutiae of minute-to-minute battling for once?

The battle in question is that of the Nile, the same demoed by Tim from the other side earlier this year. It’s a grossly imbalanced real-world setup designed for top tier players, which asks Bickham (as the Romans) to first enact an Omaha beach landing and then drag his puny force to the very top of a big old hill to, at length, meet the Egyptian army.

Does he manage it? Course he does:

Creative Assembly’s commitment to history as it happened evidently hasn’t stopped them from building a fantastically flamboyant set of systems, with some units guaranteed to set jaws to drop once they cross paths. Within five minutes, elephants are running amok in the woods. Within ten, flaming boulders are making bowling pins of Bickham’s legionaries.

It all makes our modern warfare seem a little dry and disjointed, to be frank.

Will you be heading straight to Rome 2’s formidable challenge maps come September 3? Or, like me, will you find safety in a strategic map that plants the player as far away from those trunked nightmares as possible?

Thanks, RPS.