Total War: Rome 2’s Egyptian faction revealed: the ones with the elephants


Creative Assembly have revealed that the Egyptians are coming to Total War: Rome 2. Part of both Northern Africa and the Middle East, it’s under the rule of Ptolemy following the sudden demise of the mighty Alexander the Great. The factions unique units comprise of skilled spear and pikemen, both utilising skills from both Greek and Egyptian fighting styles. If that doesn’t perk your interest, you can always count on the mighty African war elephants.

A little history lesson: Ptolemy was a general under the late Alexander the Great when he was appointed to govern Egypt. His succession didn’t come easily however, which he had to fight his rival generals in the War of the Successors (322 -275BC).

He didn’t throw out the cultural customs of the Egyptians, instead encouraging the temple and monument building, embracing the Pharaohs. Ptolemy didn’t maintain all the traditions however, allowing Greek culture and learning, resulting in an upper class of Greco-Egyptians. This regularly led to bloody uprising of people who followed the old ways, disgusted at the Greek influence.

The intermingling did have its advantages though, especially on Egypts military capabilities. Soldiers were both taught specialised fighting styles from both cultures, making them incredibly balanced and advanced on the battlefield. It also diversified their units: including spear and pikemen, swordsmen, scythed chariots and even the feared African war elephants.

The Egyptian’s are a well rounded faction, but they’re in a constant struggle to keep their native people in check, who still question their new rulers and their intentions.