Total War: Rome II patch 3 improves the business of conquest in 140 small ways


Our Fraser counted the ways he loved Rome II in his review, and on balance decided that they outweighed the ways he didn’t. And you know what? There are bound to be a few more things he likes in the 140 or so technical optimisations, balance tweaks and usability updates that reached the game today. Week by week, Creative Assembly’s latest is slowly becoming the game it ought to be.

The victory point system has been altered somewhat, and you’ll find they appear in fewer situations during battle. For instance, if you’re rudely interrupted by another army while occupying a minor settlement, a new Sally Forth button will be made available on the pre-battle panel. That way, you can fight your attackers on the open field without victory points.

CA have come up with a number of performance fixes for some hardware configurations, which should sort out a proportion of the 2% of players who reported technical issues at the start of this month. A notable campaign-speed boost has been applied to multiplayer games, and the dev team have also seen off a flickering UI in SLI setups.

Check last week’s post for the full changelog. Meanwhile, the next patch is prepped to enter public beta. Gosh, ongoing development is exciting, isn’t it? Not under-siege exciting, but distant-rising-smoke exciting.