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Total War: Rome II sells more than 800,000 copies in a month


Sega and Creative Assembly are sitting pretty right now. Despite its buggy launch, Total War: Rome II has gone on to sell more than 800,000 copies in its first month. It means Creative Assembly will be able to update their library to include books covering periods of history they’ve not already made into games.

Expect a Total War: Tudor announcement in the coming months.

The news came from Gamespot who spotted an earnings report published on financials dating up to 30 September, just 27 days after the launch of Rome II.

Rome II’s been a great success for Creative Assembly. Its peak number of players is triple that of Shogun II. While that’s likely due to the popularity of the first Rome game it also shows that the Total War series is growing in popularity the longer it continues.

In fact, it would have been the UK number one, instead of number two, had the chart included digital sales, not just physical copies.

The studio are still releasing weekly patches to the get the game up to scratch. At 16,000 players have been affected by bugs if Creative’s claims that 2% of the playerbase are suffering from bugs.