Total War: Rome II trumps Shogun II’s peak number of players three times over


Rome II launched with a number of bugs and issues which are causing players a fair bit of trouble. Despite this, it’s also trouncing Shogun II’s concurrent player record. That game’s peak was a bit over 38,000. Rome II’s concurrent number of players is still rising but it currently sits at more than 118,000. Three times Shogun’s record.

It looks like Rome II will go on to be Creative Assembly’s most successful Total War game to date.

Back when Shogun II launched in March, 2011 was when it enjoyed its most concurrent players. Its record was set at 38,517:

Rome II on the other hand, since launching earlier today, has already passed 118,238 players:

It’s a fantastic jump for the series. Now if all those bugs can be fixed with a speedily-released patch we’ll be laughing.

Till then, if you aren’t already in the game, you should read Fraser’s review.