Total War: Something to be announced at GDC tomorrow


Vague and insubstantial news posts aren’t my forte so bear with me. Tomorrow will see a new Total War game announced during Creative Assembly’s lead game designer James Russell’s talk at GDC. The type of game it will be we do not know, the title of the game is something else we do not know, the era it is set in is just one more thing on the list of things we do not know.

For how we know these are things we don’t know read on.

Russell revealed that he’d be revealing a new game during his talk tomorrow via Twitter:

That’s about it for what we know.

“It’s like nothing we’ve done before” could suggest that Creative Assembly are making a Total War game set in modern day Australia in which you play a koala. Using a proprietary motion controller, where the primary input action is hugging, you may have to slaughter as many of the nation’s citizens as you can before your pouch turns inside out. It may not be this which Russell is suggesting but until tomorrow’s talk it’s anything goes.

It could be that Creative Assembly have quietly got hold of the rights to The Twilight Zone and will be releasing a Total War game in which each playable faction is representative of a different episode of the old sci-fi series. The campaign map could be inside a giant snow globe and the snow globe might be on the shelf of a child’s bedroom. Also, the child is might be God.

Maybe what Creative Assembly are working on is the first game adaptation of the great Pringle/Dorito conflict. You know, the one we never speak of but is so well known that to fill out this paragraph with historical details would be wasting both your and my time.

Till tomorrow.