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How to customise your character in Tower of Fantasy

All of the tips and tricks you need to customise your character in Tower of Fantasy, and how to change it once you’ve already begun your adventure

Tower of Fantasy custom character:

Want to know how to customise your character in Tower of Fantasy? Making your own outfits for the open-world game is one of its unique selling points, meaning you can run around the world of Aida as one of your favourite anime characters. So whether you fancy being a hero by becoming Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia or annihilating all foes as the half-demon Vergil from Devil May Cry, it’s entirely within the realm of possibility.

However, as soon as you finish customising your Tower of Fantasy character, you won’t be able to use it right away. As it turns out, you need to progress through the game a little before changing into your avatar. Once you import it, you can change it to a new one for a small price. Finding this menu is easier said than done, so we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about custom characters.

Tower of Fantasy customise character: Tifa Lockhart as shown in the Tower of Fantasy character creation screen.

How to apply customised Tower of Fantasy characters

When you first start the game, you need to click on Presets to open the character customisation menu. From here, you can choose to make your custom character from scratch, import one using the best Tower of Fantasy character codes, or click the popular tab on the top right of the screen to look through the most up-voted character creations. Make sure you save your creation before exiting from the customisation menu.

However, you may notice that you can’t choose your custom skin when you first start the game. Don’t worry, after completing the tutorial, you’ll meet two characters, one of which asks you to follow her. She introduces you to the quartermaster, and you’ll receive the option to choose your custom character once.

Tower of Fantasy customise character: the player's avatar with red hair wearing The Mission premium costume.

How to change Tower of Fantasy custom characters

Applying custom characters is easy, but changing them is where things get a little tricky. Here is what you need to do to change your Tower of Fantasy custom character:

  • Press Escape to open the pause menu.
  • Click Backpack.
  • Click the Outfits button by your avatar’s right foot.

From here, you can create a new outfit for your character and change their appearance. You can also buy costumes with Tanium, the game’s premium currency, or earn them for completing quests and exploring the map. Remember, while physical changes are free, it costs 100 Dark Crystal to change your character’s outfit each time. You can easily earn these Dark Crystals by looting items, beating up named enemies, leveling up, and completing achievements. You don’t have to resort to circumventing this cost by creating a new character on another server. However, you can’t change your character’s skin to one of a different gender.

All Tower of Fantasy outfits and refits

Here are all of the unlockable outfits:

  • Seaside Vacation – earned via an event (not active)
  • Operation: Streamer – costs 1,280 Tanium
  • Wasteland – First Pass limited rewards
  • Desperado – costs 1,280 Tanium
  • The Mission – costs 1,280 Tanium
  • Conquerer – reach 85% Astra exploration
  • Wastelands Wanderer – reach 85% Banges area exploration
  • Scavenger Outfit – reach 85% Crown area exploration
  • Roamer – reach 85% Navia area exploration
  • Visitor in the Snow – reach 85% Warren area exploration
  • Star Sand – redeem the 2,500,000 Preorders Milestone reward in the Milestone section

You can also unlock the following Refits:

  • Jetpack – default Refit
  • Orion – redeem the 2,500,000 Preorders Milestone reward in the Milestone section

And that’s everything you need to know about changing customisable characters in Tower of Fantasy. When you’ve finally sorted out your look, you should check out our Tower of Fantasy guide for beginner’s tips. We also have all of the currently active Tower of Fantasy codes if you want some free items and a Tower of Fantasy tier list for all the best simulacrum so far.