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Tower of Fantasy character events like Aida Cafe will return, devs say

The Tower of Fantasy character event, Aida Cafe, was one of the anime RPG game's most popular, and Hotta Studio has confirmed more will appear in its wake

Tower of Fantasy character events like Aida Cafe will return, devs say: A woman with short silver hair in a bob wearing a black facemask and silver uniform looks over her shoulder in concern in a laboratory setting

The Tower of Fantasy character event Aida Cafe is easily the anime game‘s most popular event to date. Challenging you to run a small futuristic eatery that bends to the whim of picky customers, players quickly fell in love with the idea of getting to know each of the game’s characters a little bit better.

Given the success of the event, it seems logical for Hotta to continue with these character-driven mini-quests; especially now that the Vera 2.0 update is out in the world. I chatted to Sky, Tower of Fantasy’s lead designer, to see if there are any future Aida Cafe-style events on the horizon.

“Yes, definitely,” they state. “Characters are the core drivers of the Tower of Fantasy storyline. Character-driven events help to add more charm to characters and express their personalities. So, there are more and more ideas which will be implemented in future updates.”

They also note that while there’s “pressure” associated with introducing new characters to the game, this simply pushes the devs to “focus more on creating new unique and colourful characters.” This no doubt means there’ll likely be some fun events accompanying Aida’s newest residents.

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One of the things that makes competitor title Genshin Impact so special are the character-centric events. With lore-specific quests and unique opportunities to interact with our virtual peers, it’s clear that narrative-focused content is a must for gacha fanatics. On a personal level, I’d love to get to know Frigg a little better because she is everything I want to be and more.

The roster of Tower of Fantasy characters continues to expand, meaning there’s a lot of room for exciting new events and stories – especially now that the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update has arrived. There’s also a whole swathe of free gear available using Tower of Fantasy codes, so make sure you stock up on some loot before you dive into the dystopian wilderness of Vera.