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The best Tower of Fantasy Frigg build

Our Tower of Fantasy Frigg build makes the most of her Fimbulwinter skill to dramatically boost the damage output of both herself and other ice simulacra

Tower of Fantasy best Frigg build: Frigg, an SSR ice simulacrum, posing mid-air as she wields Balmung, her ice katana

On the hunt for the best Tower of Fantasy Frigg build? An SSR simulacrum and a prominent antagonist in the Tower of Fantasy storyline, Frigg has been available to play in China for quite some time, and her global release makes her one of the most highly anticipated Tower of Fantasy characters to date. Wielding her deadly ice katana, Balmung, her moveset is geared towards hack-and-slash combat, dashing forwards to unleash a devastating attack combo and then dodging out of the enemy’s reach before they can respond.

Before we get into our best Frigg build, it’s important to note that Tower of Fantasy’s character equipment differs slightly from that of similar titles such as Genshin Impact, as each character is irrevocably tied to their unique Tower of Fantasy weapon. Consequently, our best Tower of Fantasy Frigg build will focus on the core skill you should prioritise in your rotation, along with the best team composition and matrices to optimise it. If you’re still new to the world of Aida, take a look at our Tower of Fantasy leveling guide, as well as our Tower of Fantasy beginners guide for some helpful hints and tips to get you up to speed with Hotta Studio’s breakout anime game. That said, here is our best Tower of Fantasy Frigg build.

Best Frigg Balmung weapon abilities

Our best Tower of Fantasy Frigg build prioritises her Fimbulwinter skill. Once activated, a frost domain forms around Frigg for 25 seconds. As long as you remain within its area of effect, the frost domain applies the Domain of Frost I buff to the active Simulacra, increasing their Shatter stat by 25% when using an ice weapon. The higher your character’s Shatter stat, the faster they can break through shields, making Fimbulwinter an ideal counter to shieldbearers in both PvE and PvP.

Balmung’s dodge ability also triggers a Phantasia when performing a dodge right as Frigg is about to get hit, reducing the speed of enemies within the area and granting Frigg temporary immunity to hitstun for 0.5 seconds. Within the frost domain of Fimbulwinter, however, the number of dodges you can perform will not be deducted when you perform the Balmung dodge.

While Fimbulwinter boasts a 30-second cooldown, those 25 seconds of uptime ensure that you’ll only have to wait a mere five seconds without its effects on the field before you can activate it again.

Tower of Fantasy Frigg build: Frigg, the ice simulacrum, using one of Balmung's weapon skills

Best Frigg team composition

Given the reliance upon Fimbulwinter for the best Tower of Fantasy Frigg build, we recommend finishing off your team composition with at least one of the following ice simulacra:

  • Meryl (SSR ice simulacrum, DPS): While Fimbulwinter is the core skill for Frigg, Balmung itself is not a shieldbreaking weapon. Therefore, in order to maximise the shatter output granted by Domain of Frost I, we recommend switching to Meryl while it’s active. Meryl is the second-best shieldbreaker in the game. At base level, her ice claymore – Rosy Edge – not only includes a 15% buff to shield breaking, but also restores 10% health once an enemy’s shield is broken.
  • Tsubasa (SSR ice simulacrum, DPS): Tsubasa is an archer, and therefore ill-equipped to feel the full benefit of the frost domain’s shatter effect. However, the damage output of her Icewind Arrow is impressive, particularly in the later tiers of weapon advancement. Additionally, Frigg’s own weapon advancements grant a hefty buff to ice weapons across the board, making Tsubasa an ideal option to both retreat while maintaining damage output once attack combos from both Frigg and Meryl are exhausted.

If you’re curious about how we rate Meryl and Tsubasa against the other simulacra available, have a peek at our Tower of Fantasy tier list.

Best Frigg build matrices

As with most simulacra, the optimal matrices for the best Tower of Fantasy Frigg build are her own four-piece SSR set:

  • Frigg (two-piece): Increase frost attack by 8%, 10%, 12%, or 15% for ten seconds when switching between ice weapons. This effect works in the background, and if multiple sets are used, the highest star set will take effect.
  • Frigg (four-piece): When unleashing a frost domain with the weapon Balmung, enemies within the frost domain receive frost damage equal to 55%, 65%, 75% or 85% of frost attack every second.

Frigg’s two-piece set synergises well with Meryl and Tsubasa, who both wield ice weapons as standard, while the four-piece set turns Fimbulwinter’s frost domain into a deadly AoE with the capacity to ramp up in damage quickly.

Alternatively, you could pair Frigg’s two-piece SSR set with Samir’s:

  • Samir (two-piece): After hitting an enemy, the damage increases by 1% each time, stacking up to 10, 13, 16 or 20 times. Stacks last for 1.5 seconds.

Frigg’s attack patterns are devastatingly fast, so sustaining a full stack of Samir’s SSR two-piece effect with Balmung’s dodge attacks requires little effort. While we would still recommend Frigg’s SSR four-piece set for the best Tower of Fantasy Frigg build, this option is ideal for those who would rather not become over-reliant upon Fimbulwinter. For other optimal ways to use Samir’s SSR two-piece set, check out our Tower of Fantasy best Samir build guide.

Tower of Fantasy best Frigg build: Frigg, the SSR ice simulacrum and Tower of Fantasy anatagonist, crouched on the ground as she holds Balmung out by her side, her red hair whipping out behind her.

Frigg weapon advancements

Weapon advancements are reliant upon rare materials purchased from the weapons store or through the Tower of Fantasy gacha system, so while we would still recommend pursuing them for the best Tower of Fantasy Frigg build, acquiring them will take a lot of time, effort, and currency.

Here are the Balmung weapon advancements:

  • One star: Gain one frost point every time you receive 550% x Frost attack damage in the frost domain. Up to ten frost points can be accumulated. When the frost domain ends, frost points x Frost attack x 95% of blast damage will be dealt to all enemies in the frost domain. After leaving the frost domain, lose one frost point every three seconds.
  • Two star: Increase the current weapon’s base health growth by 16%.
  • Three star: Increase frost point limit to 15. When using discharge skills of frost weapons in the frost domain, deal damage equal to 25% of frost attack x (current frostiness +5) to all targets in the frost domain.
  • Four star: Increase the current weapon’s base health growth by 32%.
  • Five star: Shattering shields using ice weapons in the frost domain will freeze the target for two seconds and cause frost points x Frost attack x 35% of additional damage (if the target cannot be frozen, double the additional damage dealt).
  • Six star: Reaching 15 frost points while inside the ice field will grant the additional effect Domain of Frost II: when using Ice weapons, increase Ice attack by 25%.

A fully advanced Balmung will take the best Tower of Fantasy Frigg build from strength to strength, and these advancements are well worth pursuing if you plan to make Frigg your main simulacrum for the foreseeable future. If wishing on banners is burning a hole in your pocket, take a look at our Tower of Fantasy battle pass guide, as well as the currently active Tower of Fantasy codes for a helping hand with currencies.

Frigg awakening traits

Just as you may buff your weapons via advancements, you may also unlock buffs connected to Frigg herself. Upon reaching level 18, you may garner awakening traits for each Tower of Fantasy character by giving them gifts to accumulate awakening points. Frigg’s preferred gifts are Metalware and Everyday Items.

Frigg’s awakening traits are:

  • Freeze (1200 points): Increase frost attack by 1.5% every three seconds upon entering battle. Stack up to 10 times. Lasts for five seconds.
  • Icebound (4000 points): Increase frost attack by 2.4% every three seconds upon entering battle. Stack up to ten times. Lasts for five seconds. In addition, gain hyperbody and become immune to control effects in the frost domain.

Awakening traits offer buffs that are more supplementary in nature, but they are far easier to obtain than the premium-focused method of weapon advancement. Given that the best Tower of Fantasy Frigg build prioritises the frost domain’s uptime, netting the hyperbody buff will ensure immunity to control effects for 50 seconds every minute, with just ten seconds of vulnerability.

That concludes our guide to the best Tower of Fantasy Frigg build. The Tower of Fantasy map is teeming with collectibles, so while you’re getting to grips with Frigg, check out the locations of Tower of Fantasy constellations, as well as every Tower of Fantasy password for each electronic lock in Aida for a bevy of rare items and currencies.