Genshin Impact-a-like Tower of Fantasy gets new character trailer

The new Tower of Fantasy trailer does a pretty good job distinguishing the upcoming RPG from its biggest competitor, Genshin Impact

Hotta Studio released a new Tower of Fantasy trailer highlighting some of the characters you can expect to meet in the upcoming Genshin Impact-styled RPG. That’s what the trailer says at least, but it focuses just as much on showcasing some of the traversal methods you can use to get around the sci-fi world of Aida, including a mech shell and a robotic unicorn. While Tower of Fantasy looks and, from the beta, plays a lot like Genshin Impact, the trailer helps show what makes Hotta’s open-world adventure a bit different.

For one thing, you can apparently use a character’s abilities on your own protagonist without altering their look, which is handy assuming you can customize their appearance. There’s also a greater variety of weapons on show, which seem unique to the characters wielding them. Shiro uses massive chakra, Samir wields pistols, and Cocoritter uses what looks like a magic staff.

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While it seems that most characters have a standard set of attacks and two skills, similar to Genshin Impact, it looks like the weapon variety will make for a more unique combat setting.

It helps that there’s a broader variety of enemies to fight as well. Hotta released a battle trailer earlier in July showing off just a taste of combat in Tower of Fantasy, and in it, we catch a glimpse of massive monsters, robots gone mad, people gone mad because of robots apparently possessing them, and quite a bit more.

These seem like unique encounters, though the character trailer also shows the usual regular battles you probably have to grind for character progression, like Genshin and other gacha games.

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There’s still no word yet on when Tower of Fantasy might release, but with the increasing cadence of information drops, we’d be surprised if Hotta didn’t have plans to release it soon.

Meanwhile, if you need something to tide you over, HoYoverse is gearing up to release plenty of new updates in Genshin Impact, including the Sumeru region and new Dendro characters in the coming weeks.