Tower of Fantasy Twitch drops and how to claim them

Tower of Fantasy Twitch drops are available to those who tune in and watch streamers test out Hotta Studios' new Genshin Impact-style game; here how to get them

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Tower of Fantasy seeks to rival the Genshin Impact 3.0 update with its anime-style game design and open world storytelling. To celebrate its launch, there’s a whole host of Twitch drops up for grabs for those who tune in, so here’s an overview of how to claim them.

If you’ve ever wanted to see what riding a motorbike would look like in Genshin Impact, you’ll want to check out Tower of Fantasy. Already boasting over 3 million pre-registrations, it’s a far cry from the magical world of Teyvat, instead focusing on cyberpunk-style combat.

To celebrate Tower of Fantasy’s release date, Hotta Studio has partnered up with streaming behemoth, Twitch, to bring players a series of exclusive rewards; all you have to do is sign up.

Looking to score some Tower of Fantasy Twitch drops for yourself? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Tower of Fantasy Twitch drop rewards

Tower of Fantasy’s Twitch drop campaign will run from August 9 (PST) until midnight PST / 3AM EST / 8AM BST / 9AM CEST, August 23. There are five sets of drops up for grabs, and the more hours you watch, the better they get.

You’ll need to tune into a participating streamer’s show (they’ll need to be live in the Tower of Fantasy category) in order to pick up your free loot. Below are all of the reward tiers, as well as when they unlock.

Time Watched (Hours) Gear
0.5 1 x Black Nucleus, 1 x Vanguard Trailblazer
1 50 x Dark Crystal, 5 x Random SR Relic shard box
2 100 x Dark Crystal, 10 x Random SR Relic shard box
3 1 x Gold Nucleus, 15 x Random SR Relic shard box
4 2 x Gold Nucleus, 1 x Illusory Link

How to get Tower of Fantasy Twitch drops

In order to claim the rewards, you’ll need to link your Tower of Fantasy account with your Twitch:

  1. Visit Twitch’s campaign page
  2. Sign in using the Twitch account you want to claim your drops with
  3. Find ‘Tower of Fantasy‘ in the list and select it
  4. Click ‘connect
  5. Sign in using your Tower of Fantasy account
  6. Voila! Your drops are enabled!

Before you start watching hours of different streamers, it’s probably worth checking out the Tower of Fantasy system requirements to ensure that you can actually make use of your new gear.