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Tower of Fantasy update 2.2 maintenance downtime and Christmas events

The Tower of Fantasy update 2.2 maintenance downtime has been confirmed by Hotta Studio, along with upcoming Christmas events for the open-world anime RPG game

Tower of Fantasy update 2.2 'Mirafleur Moonshade' - pink-haired character Fenrir sings into a microphone

Developer Hotta Studio details the Tower of Fantasy update 2.2 maintenance times, as well as new events coming to the open-world anime game and server transfer dates set to follow the next big patch. Tower of Fantasy 2.2 ‘Mirafleur Moonshade’ is set to release on December 22, with initial server downtime expected to run for roughly five hours prior to the launch. Players will also receive some additional goodies as compensation for this downtime.

Tower of Fantasy update 2.2 includes new districts to explore in Mirroria, the main city hub located in the Vera region introduced with Tower of Fantasy 2.0. It also enables plenty of new interior areas and interactive amusements. There’s fishing, arcade minigames, mahjong, pet feeding, and more for players to try out. In addition, there’s some new story content for the research mission, as well as new equipment in the form of a Microreactor. Players who have reached level 80 and cleared the Void Rift will be able to access the Void Abyss from January 1, 2023. There will also be new team PvP content, called The Critical Abyss.

Those eager for a Tower of Fantasy server transfer will be pleased to know that there will be two upcoming batches made available; the first opens on December 29, while the second follows on January 10.

Also coming after the update are a series of Winter Festival events. A Christmas-themed Supply Run sign-in will be available when the servers come online after maintenance, at which point the referral program will also be available.

The Winter Festival events begin on December 24, so you’ll have to wait a couple more days to try those out. If you’re looking to jump on the upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners, three limited caches will be available after the update arrives: newcomer Tian Lang headlines, available from the launch of the patch alongside Lyra, with a Claudia limited cache available from December 26.

The Tower of Fantasy update 2.2 maintenance is at 5-10am on December 22 (UTC+0). If you’re wondering what time that is in your region, you can check the chart below for details. Hotta Studio notes that servers may come back online later or earlier than scheduled, so keep an eye out. It’s recommended players log off at least 15 minutes prior to the update in order to ensure no potential loss of in-game items or progress.

Region ToF update 2.2 maintenance time
US West (PT) December 21, 9pm – December 22, 2am
US East (ET) December 22, 12am – 5am
UK (GMT) December 22, 5am – 10am
Europe (CET) December 22, 6am – 11am
China (CST) December 22, 1pm – 6pm
Australia (AET) December 22, 4pm – 9pm

Players who have reached Wanderer level six before the update will receive 500 dark crystals and a two-star radar detector as compensation for the maintenance period, along with a further 200 dark crystals as compensation for the client update. These can be claimed from your in-game mailbox, and should be sent out within two hours of the maintenance being completed.

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