Tower of Fantasy update tells RPG players “we do care!”

A Tower of fantasy update for the open-world RPG from Hotta Studio assures players the team is listening, and outlines some actionable feedback it is taking

A Tower of Fantasy update has been shared by the RPG game’s developer Hotta Studio reassuring players that the team is listening to community feedback and that it does care about meeting concerns, even if the team has been mostly quiet recently.

A dev report provided the Tower of Fantasy update, which thanks players for their continuous support and adds that while ‘some of you may have started to think “Fine, they don’t care what we are talking about’ – WE DO CARE!”

Hotta Studio adds that “Even if we are facing countless tasks every day (and sometimes attacked by hackers, hm, we are working very hard on fair operation and anti-cheating), we will never give up on continuous communication with you all.”

The Tower of Fantasy update then acknowledges how some players have been swamped by the frequency of updates for the open-world game, with Hotta Studio saying it will consider adjusting the event schedule to offer a more “comfortable experience.”

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Hotta adds that copyright issues are preventing all of the characters from the Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy from coming over to the global version, but assures that the team is in fact listening to this concern.

Artificial Island reset times for bosses will also be revised in a later version of the game too, as Hotta concludes the Tower of Fantasy update by saying it will continue to listen to feedback from all places, and aim to optimise how it can be submitted and received. You can check out the full Tower of Fantasy update from the studio here.

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