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Tower of Fantasy weapons may be customisable in 2.0 update, leaks say

Tower of Fantasy weapons may be made more customisable in the anime RPG game's 2.0 Vera update, according to a new set of leaks about the Genshin Impact rival

Tower of Fantasy weapons may be customisable in 2.0 update, leaks say: A blonde woman with a red and white futuristic body suit is connected to a large machine with a circular head piece as her eyes glow and cables swirl in the background

The Tower of Fantasy weapons roster is pretty extensive, allowing fans of the anime RPG game to tear foes asunder with everything from deadly dual blades to lethal spears. Coming into the highly anticipated 2.0 Vera update, it looks like Hotta Studio may be adding an option to tailor your arsenal to your liking – if leaks are to be believed, that is.

Coming from leaker Sova_ToF, a screenshot that apparently originates from the 2.0 beta build shows new flame character Ruby’s Simulacrum data. In the bottom left hand corner of the information menu, there’s an option called “weapon appearance” – something that doesn’t exist in the current iteration of the game.

“Most important 2.0 update: you can choose your weapon’s appearance,” reads the Reddit thread dedicated to the discovery, and the leak has inspired quite a bit of excitement in the comments section.

“Yes! Can’t wait to swap Frigg’s weapon back to her A0 skin! Definitely prefer it over A3 one. So happy!” responds one, while another states “I really love these kind of QoL changes, and looks like 2.0 its full of them.”

Tower of Fantasy already lets you tailor your Wanderer’s looks and style, with an extensive wardrobe of customisation options at your disposal. Allowing players to change up how their in-game weapons of war look would add yet another layer to the game’s customisation, and that’s a huge ‘yes’ for us.

This is something that sets it apart from HoYoverse’s hit open-world game, Genshin Impact, where only a few characters have different skins. Maybe we’ll see some more added in the Genshin Impact 3.1 update, but only time will tell.

Until then, you can dive into the world of Aida and wet your cyberpunk whistle. If you’re planning on doing so, be sure to check out our Tower of Fantasy codes guide, as well as our breakdown of all of the Tower of Fantasy characters to ensure that you choose the ones with the coolest weapons.