Tower of Fantasy world boss Magma is just a reskin, say fans

Tower of Fantasy world boss Magma introduced as part of the ToF 2.0 Vera update feels like a reskin of former boss Sobek, say fans of the open-world anime RPG

Tower of Fantasy - world boss Magma, a giant crocodile-like quadruped ith a stony, spiny back

Fans are feeling a little underwhelmed by Tower of Fantasy world boss Magma, who they say feels too similar to previous major fights in the anime game. The Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update arrived on October 20, letting players explore the new Vera region and meet a number of new Tower of Fantasy characters. While exploring the region, and in particular the Gobby Desert, players can encounter a new reptilian world boss.

Magma is a giant, crocodile-like creature with a rocky back that can be found in the northernmost parts of Rock Pillar Gobby, up in the northern region of Vera. As a world boss, defeating it can get you a number of rare materials including vehicle upgrade parts. However, some players on the Tower of Fantasy Reddit say that they are feeling rather disappointed in the fight itself. A sarcastic post comments that the fight is basically a “reskinned Sobek with a grand total of two new attacks.”

Magma – as the name suggests – is aligned with the fire element, whereas Sobek, a similar-looking world boss found in the Crown Mines, is an ice-aligned creature. However, many of their moves are very similar, down to the rather annoying underground burrowing attack that prevents them from being targeted. Not everyone is upset with their similarities, however – some players say they think it may be part of the lore, where the partially mechanised Sobek might have been intentionally built in the shape of Magma.

Others say they’re quite happy to face similar fights as long as they’re fun. One of the most upvoted comments says they find the move set fun to go up against, while others simply remark, “as long as I get my drops I’m alright.” Some players remark that they feel asset reuse like this is fairly common and they aren’t too bothered by the similarities.” Several comments note that the new moves make the fight feel worthwhile, though one player asks why Magma can dive into the rocky sand as easily as Sobek dives underwater.

Other games such as Capcom’s Monster Hunter series have all but perfected the art of using a core monster “skeleton” and building the look and specific personality of a monster on top of that similar base. As such, the concept certainly doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker – especially if it’s explained in the lore how these alternative creatures differ.

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