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Towering inferno: Defense Grid 2 finally has a proper trailer

Waves in Defense Grid 2 are made up entirely of aliens - but they are not short on variety.

Hidden Path have a way with mazes. As co-developers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, they contributed to maps twisty enough to keep – at last count – 135,392 players entertained simultaneously. And as sole custodians of Defense Grid, they produced perhaps the most accomplished played-straight tower defense game in a decade absolutely riddled with them.

A failed Kickstarter heralded this troubled sequel – but the devs have long since managed to fend off funding woes after a (winged, glistening) angel investor contributed a couple of turrets to their cause. Here are the results.

A good announcer can go a long way to instilling a simple game with personality – I’ve lately been enjoy Trials: Fusion’s coddling-but-cold commentator, for instance, who somehow makes the game feel like Portal.

Defense Grid 2’s audible stiff-upper-lip certainly doesn’t lack character – and in a game otherwise draped in grey moon-isms, we’re going to need some of that.

It’s not going to want for new features, though: co-op and competitive multiplayer promise to mess with the tried-and-extremely-well-tested tower defense formula.

And all thanks to this mystery monetary supporter, who clambered aboard the project last year.

“You guys supported us,” said the studio at the time. “An investor saw your support, saw us make promises to you, saw us keep those promises to you, and after Containment shipped, they decided to partner with us and invest in Defense Grid 2.”

Hurrah! Or huzzah, as Defense Grid’s announcer would presumably say.

The game’s out later this year, for Windows, Mac and Linux. Are you up for another stint as wave-repellent? Our Jules’ Defense Grid 2 preview was somewhat gushing in tone.

Ta, RPS.