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Toys R Us now sells esports merch (in Denmark)

Danish retail - including Toys R Us - is big on esports, as it turns out

Toys R Us has had a rough few years – to say the least – but the brand still has a hold in certain regions worldwide. One of those regions is Denmark, and the Danish stores have expanded into a new form of merchandise – esports. You can now grab an array of items from the toy store emblazoned with the logo of CS:GO team Astralis.

You can find a spread of t-shirts, jerseys, hats, pillows, beach towels, sleeping bags, and hats branded with the Danish team’s logo – and only that logo. There aren’t any others to be found, though given Astralis’s recent success maybe there doesn’t need to be another option.

A photo from a Danish fan hit Reddit today, showcasing the display sandwiched between a number of branded Lego sets and Disney-themed party supplies – just as you’d expect if you’ve been to a Toys R Us in the past decade.

Chances are that you haven’t been to a Toys R Us very recently, though – at least not in the US or UK. The company shut down its last remaining stores this year after filing for bankruptcy in 2017, but separate licensees are still running stores under the Toys R Us name. Here, that licensee is Top-Toy, which runs Toys R Us stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Top-Toy isn’t the only store bringing esports to big box retail in the region, either. Danish electronics retailer Elgiganten sells a somewhat broader array of merch, with options including Astralis, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and ESL itself – and the company also has its own PUBG team with Elgiganten Gaming.

Maybe European retail is onto something with the esports merch thing – after all, they still have Toys R Us while we don’t.