TrackMania 2 expands its portfolio with Stadium


French developers Nadeo reckon they have around twelve million people playing TrackMania now, and who am I to disagree with them? They may well pull a few more into the mix with the forthcoming TrackMania 2: Stadium and the previously announced TrackMania 2: Valley, both of which Nadeo have now said are due “early next year,” though no firm date is set. Click through to see videos of cars. Lots of cars. All the cars.

Nadeo are calling both new games, but they are probably better viewed as new takes on the TrackMania concept. Stadium harks back to TrackMania Nations and is all about fast, Formula 3-style cars gripping the tarmac for all that it’s worth, while Valley, which was first announced over a year ago, is Nadeo’s tack on off-road rallying. Expect both to feature the same time trials and track construction.

In the mean time, here’s Stadium!

And here’s Valley!