Trackmania has never looked more beautiful/terrifying in this 20,000 car video


There’s something utterly mesmorising/inherently creepy about the 20K project – a beautiful mess of over 20,000 Trackmania cars touring around a Trackmania 2: Stadium course, that took YouTube chap L4Bomb4 a year and half to compile and around 300 hours of rendering to make so. 

Although piled on top of one another and often overlapping, each vehicle you see was once controlled a real player.

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The real life recordings took place in Trackmania United Forever and Trackmania Nations Forever before being passed over for conversion. To avoid crashes, an impressive 12,000 were first rendered at once (20k was just too much) at a “pretty high quality,” says L4Bomb4 in the video’s description.

It took chum Danixks around 120 hours of editing to arrive at the finished production that adds another 8,000 cars by virtue of a compositing technique. The end result is, well, decide for yourself:

I’ve been watching a lot of Attenborough documentaries of late and have discovered I’m terrified of locusts. I therefore can’t decide whether I love this or absolutely hate it, but it’s incredible work either way. What are your thoughts?

Thanks, PCG.