Trackmania Turbo, latest iteration of the impossible-to-master time attack racer, releases March 25th

Trackmania Turbo release date

Trackmania Turbo is scraping its way into the light of games I might actually find the time to play in this, the best year for games on record, by virtue of nostalgia. Trackmania Nations Forever, as oddly named as it was strange to find a good free to play game back in 2008, kept me happy for more hours than I’d like to check on Steam, mastering early tracks and failing utterly on later ones. Turbo is everything I loved about that game, updated for 2016 (through a few sequels on the way) and now we know it’s coming out on March 25th.

A candidate for our best racing games list, perhaps?

The latest trailer reveals not only that release date but the four environments and car types that make up its high-flying action.

Originally the game was supposed to come out towards the end of last year, before being delayed. It’s good to go now though, providing the four styles of racing each with their own challenges, along with a trackbuilder to create your own versions. The four ways to play are:

  • Lagoon Rollercoaster – magnetic tracks and a lot of high-flying.
  • Canyon Grand Drift – I’ll let you guess, but think of Tokyo and you’ve probably figured it out.
  • Valley Down & Dirty – dirt track racing with difficult handling and a lot of jumps.
  • International Stadium – based on my love of old, all about precision, perfect timing and sometimes

Some more on all that over on the official site. Meanwhile it’ll be distributed via Steam, where you can already pre-order it if you like.