Trackmania Turbo release date delayed into 2016, the Christmas schedule clears a bit more


Trackmania Turbo was one of the quieter announcements to come out of the multiple high-orbit nuclear strikes that was this year’s E3. But! Secret Ben fact: it’s a game I’m quite excited for. I’ve skipped a lot of them now, but Trackmania was one of my favourite games of the late 00s. It got arcade racing perfectly right, nailing instant restarts, split-second decision making and simple controls that made it easy to pick up but impossible to master.

Un/fortunately we’ll all be waiting a little longer to get our hands on the new edition, that returns to those arcade routes while going on about multiple cultures of racing or something. I’m not being insensitive, I enjoy the colourful surroundings of the Trackmania games, but having it varied by different locations around the world is a lot less important to me than the racing itself.

In the announcement post for the delay, Ubisoft explain that it’s happening to give Nadeo a bit more time to develop all areas of the game. They’re promising more multiplayer modes, a better campaign and interface improvements thanks to the wait. It also gets them out of a late November release window that’s now so stacked everything but the biggest titles is going to be lost in the scrum. For the love of god we have a new Fallout and a new StarCraft coming outon the same day and that’s the start of the month.

Here’s the latest trailer, which is very pretty but does have some horrifyingly scripted bants over the top of it: