The Gambitious Humble Bundle is out now, but be warned: you might catch Train Fever

Gambitious Bundle

A new Humble Weekly Bundle has been birthed into the world, to last for seven days and for you to spend as much or as little on as your conscience deems appropriate. This week it’s the Gambitious bundle. 

Pay what you want and you’ll get Hard Reset Enhanced Edition, Mutant Mudds Deluxe and Breach & Clear. If you beat the average, you’ll also get Breach & Clear: Deadline, Xenodrifter Special Edition and Magnetic: Case Closed. Finally, if you chuck in $8, you’ll get your hands on a copy of Train Fever, to calm your itch for the sexist of public transportation.

Two coupons are also included, and they’ll net you 25% off Hard West Collector’s Edition and 33% off Pathologic Classic HD.

Anything tickling your fancy?