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Train Simulator 2014 announced, will be free update for Train Simulator players


The latest in the rail-bothering Train Simulator series has just left the paddock, or whatever those sheds trains live in are called. Train sheds, perhaps? Announced today, Train Simulator 2014 is a full blown sequel to last year’s game, and introduces shinier trains (obviously), new routes and an all-new career mode. If trains could high-five, you’d better believe they’d be doing it right now.

Better still: just as Train Simulator 2013 was a free update to Train Simulator 2012, this year’s model will be a free update to Train Simulator 2013. Existing players won’t have to fork out a penny.

Train Simulator 2014 introduces the new Hamburg to Hanover route and integrates with Steam Workshop to allow drivers to download custom routes built by other players, as well as upload their own. Beyond new lengths of track, the series is getting a graphical facelift too, with extended draw distances, more exciting camera angles and flashy headlight flares all combining to create a heightened sense of trains.


Naturally, the update will be compatible with your existing Train Simulator locomotives and routes, meaning no engine or rolling valley gets left behind in the unending, unstoppable onwards march of progress.

Train Simulator 2014 launches on September 26 on both Steam and in the physical medium.