Piranha Games shuts down Transverse crowd-funding; begins refunding backers


Piranha Games today have announced that they’re halting crowd-funding on their ambitious space title, Transverse. The game, which required at least $1 million dollars for the most basic of features, failed to build any sort of momentum. Conceding defeat, Piranha Games is now refunding all backers for the game, while taking “Transverse behind the curtain” for the time being. hope to see you on the Fringe!

The news came in an announcement on the Transverse website, from creative director and co-founder of Piranha Games, Bryan Ekman.

“It’s a bittersweet day.” said the blogpost. “Thank you for taking a chance and showing us that you are interested in seeing our vision come to life. As you can see, the velocity of our crowdfunding campaign never gained the momentum needed to bring Transverse to life as a community funded concept. We are going to shut down our funding today, ahead of the 30 day deadline and begin the process of refunding as promised.”

“We plan to take Transverse behind the curtain for now. One day, I hope to see you on the Fringe!”