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Best FPS of 2023, Trepang2, to get DLC filled with blood and blades

Trepang2 is a monumental FPS game that deserves far more attention, as the true successor to FEAR and the bloody shooters of the past.

Best FPS of 2023, Trepang2, to get DLC filled with blood and blades: A strange masked character looks at you in Trepang2

Some games ooze excellence, displaying a mastery of the genre they exist in. These often rise to the top of the pile, pointed to as paragons by all who encounter them. The problem is, they first have to be encountered and some games simply don’t get the attention they so richly deserve. Trepang2 is one of them – an FPS that basically defines what it means to be an FPS – and it’s one you’ve probably never heard of. Now, it’s getting a slab of new content in an upcoming piece of DLC, which will hopefully help it break through some barriers.

Trepang2 isn’t just a good FPS game, it’s something more than that. You play as a soldier, robbed of your memories, yet granted a cavalcade of supernatural abilities as you mow down enemies over a series of single-player missions. Much like FEAR before it, this is a game about guns, melee violence, and slow motion stunts. Every moment spent in Trepang2 is a screaming joy of carnage as you dance around faceless mooks, blowing them to pieces or kicking them in the head.

For whatever reason, Trepang2 has struggled since it launched. We previously reported that the game was having trouble finding an audience and unfortunately in the months in-between that has continued. At the time of writing, there are only 248 players in-game, a truly tiny amount for this stupendous title. There might be light at the end of the tunnel, however, and it’s not a grenade launcher kicking an explosion in your direction.

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Announced today, Trepang2 will be getting some brand new DLC in the form of Bladekisser. This will add new side missions, combat simulator maps, high value targets, and a bevy of weapons. It’s those weapons that promise to be the biggest draw, at least for me, as they will upend how the game is played in some crucial ways.

Mainly because one of them is a futuristic sword you can use to stab enemies and separate heads from necks in a variety of ways. In FEAR, melee combat was focused around a series of kicks and punches that while cool and very Matrix-adjacent, felt a little limiting. Trepang2’s Bladekisser DLC will unlock deadlier close combat moves and encourage you to slice and dice your way to victory.

Trepang 2’s Bladekisser DLC will launch on Thursday July 25 and you can add it to your Steam wishlist here. If you’re thinking about picking up the original game, Trepang 2 currently has 40% off until Thursday July 11, taking it to $17.99 / £14.99 down from $29.99 / £24.99. Head over to the official Steam page to check it out for yourself.

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