Trials Evolution coming to PC with Gold Edition


Returning to where it belongs, RedLynx’s Trials series is bringing its latest iteration, Trials Evolution, to PC some time in early 2013. The series started on PC, so it seems only fitting that we get this, its more accomplished and hilariously difficult version. It’s also got multiplayer, which, unsurprisingly, is a pretty big deal. Here’s the trailer.

PC gamersget online multiplayer, which means you can strap on a pair of headphones and a mic and laugh at your friends incompetence and then wonder why they don’t invite you to drinks next Tuesday. Because Trials multiplayer is a silly thing, especially when you enable bailing, and each player catapults themselves from the seat of their bike to try and sail past the finish line. Only most people misjudged, and end up floundering a few feet from it. Like I said, hilarious incompetence.

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition will have tools to create your own levels, as well as online global leaderboards and a bunch of new levels. There’ll also be all content from Trials HD, knocking the track number to 120, although, if you’re anything like as bad at me as the game, you’ll only see 10% of those.

The only question hanging in the air is what it’ll use for matchmaking software. It’s coming from the XBox, so we’ll just have to keep all fingers and toes crossed that it’s not GFWL.

Good job on The Verge who spotted the news.