Trials Evolution: Gold Edition lands (the right way up) on PC today


The world of backflipping 2D motorbikes has really come a long way since the Java games of my MSN-wasted youth. In celebration of the unique sensation that is having your juvenile frame slowly crushed under the weight of an upturned vehicle, RedLynx are releasing Trials Evolution: Gold Edition, which contains Nearly All The Trials.

Gold Edition is what would happen if the juvenile frame of Trials HD was slowly crushed under the weight of Trials Evolution, transferring all the single player tracks and skill games from one to the other, like some sticky ex-biker residue.

Neither game has been available on PC til now, so hoorah for getting all the nice things in one place.

Gold Edition comes to digital platforms today, Steam included, for £15.99, and sees boxed release tomorrow. Watch the last moments of doomed ragdoll men unfold in the accompanying trailer below.

Have any of you blood-traitors out there had a play around with this on XBLA?