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Trials Fusion will take Uplayers for a free multiplayer spin this weekend

Trials Fusion

“Welcome to the future,” is the slogan you’ll hear melodically bellowed when you hit the main menu of Trials Fusion. The future, in this case, isn’t just a man on a bike flying through the air. The future is men on bikes flying through the air, in online multiplayer coming as a free update early next year.

You can test the million-selling ragdoll sim’s eight-player mode all this weekend, if you like.

The two-and-a-bit day event will run from today till Monday, December 22 at 9am GMT/ 10am CET. Bring a Uplay account.

We didn’t talk an awful lot about Trials Fusion when it catherine wheeled through the public consciousness in April, but we did play in the beta.

The best thing about it is that it’s a validation of all the time you might have spent playing browser games with names like BMX Blackflip as a teenager. RedLynx aren’t interested in simply staving off teen tedium anymore, though – these days, they’re in the business of inducing euphoria.

There’s a curious Mirror’s Edge vibe about Fusion, which grew an online Tribes tournament mode in June. It’s there in the pervasive encouragement to leave-all-troubles-behind; the finger that hovers over the course reset button at all times; the conservation of momentum.

The temptation is to hold onto the accelerator pedal for dear life, but you’ll get stronger run-ups if you pick your jumps. But hey, who do I think I’m teaching – you’ve probably played several of these over the years, right?