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Trials of the Blood Dragon announced and released - Far Cry Blood Dragon meets Trials Fusion

Trials of the blood dragon

For anyone thinking Far Cry Blood Dragon was a super cool one off: it wasn’t. Ubisoft have just announced and released Trials of the Blood Dragon, a retro re-skinning of the ultra technical Trials franchise.

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Yes, there’s awesome synth-heavy music. Yes, there are heaps of ridiculous new vehicles like minecarts and neon-coloured APCs. Yes, the trailer is awesome - you can watch it below. Or… better than watching it, you can play it, because it’s out now.

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Trials of the Blood Dragon looks like the next logical step for the franchise, following on from the berserk Awesome Max edition of Trials Fusion by forcing the trials bike mechanics with additional features like gunplay and avoiding plasma-spitting dragons.

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AnAuldWolf avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Okay, would be better without the shooting bits, much like Mirror's Edge... But still. I'm in love with that trailer. It's a beautiful '80s pastiche and done even so much better than the original Blood Dragon's '80s pastiche. I'm very happy about this.

I'm just feeling very yes about this game in general. I remember adverts like this, which were so completely ridiculous and over the top. Everything feels so reserved and muted today by comparison.


Not how that works, but okay! Okay, trailer man! Let's do that! I will go on your crazy, impossible adventure with you!

"shoot people. it's fun. bang bang bang. i'm yelling. and i have a sniper rifle. it is a world war or something. there's lots of dirt and glorified soldiering. loot at my sniper rifle. it goes bang. i shot that person in the head. look at all the blood. we tried to make it realistic whilst keeping the spectacle. we know you like that. look at the guns. look at the blood. it is great."

No, no, don't think I will. Thanks. I'd rather count the rings of a tree trunk while having root canal.