Tribes: Ascend update arrives today after two years of inertia

Tribes: Ascend

Tribes: Ascend is getting its first update in two years. In truth, it’s been getting its first update in two years since September, when Hi-Rez announced their return to the buoyant shooter and started fiddling with changes on public test servers.

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The developers have cued up some major reworks forOut of the Blue, in the hope of recapturing some of the momentum the multiplayer FPS had behind it back in 2013. Classes have been streamlined into light, medium and heavy armour types with unrestricted loadout customisation. The weapons themselves have been extensively rebalanced. And three new maps, named Ice Coaster, Perdition and Terminus, will freshen up capture-the-flag.

All XP and premium Tribes Gold used to buy items in the past will be refunded, and if you’ve ever purchased Gold or Ascend’s Game of the Year edition, you’ll gain the ultimate weapons pack which includes every gun in the game.

Expect six hours of downtime at 5pm EST, and then a changed Tribes. Are you a former fan of Hi-Rez’s 3D Tiny Wings?