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Tribes of Midgard Survival Mode has been “completely rebuilt”

Season 3 makes massive changes to Tribes of Midgard Survival Mode, making it a more relaxed experience without some of the time constraints of Saga Mode

Tribes of Midgard Survival Mode: A Viking homestead seen from above contains a campfire and ornate anvil in a fenced-in yard, with a thatched-roof house and watchtower overlooking a river.

Viking game Tribes of Midgard Survival Mode is changing significantly with the arrival of Season 3: Inferno Saga. That season kicks off August 16, and with it comes an overhauled Survival Mode that’s more relaxed and slower than the frantic pace of Saga Mode.

In the new Survival Mode, the Einherjar begin their journey before the Seed of Yggdrasil has established a village. Instead, you’ll start out in the Sanctuary, and there won’t be any village, walls, or other villagers to help out.

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Fortunately, you do have cats – specifically Soleyra and Maniklo, two of Freyja’s felines who you may remember from the Tribes of Midgard tutorial. They’ve returned to help out in the new Survival Mode, and they’re joined by veteran NPC Einherjar Eira Foot-Crushed, who will get you started on building your own village.

In this overhauled version of Survival Mode, you’ll be able to set up your home exactly how you want to, and there are all kinds of new objects and elements to use as you construct your house – stairs, pillars, doors, and much more.

This means you won’t have a village to defend every night. Additionally, days last longer than 20 minutes each to provide more time to explore and build during the day. You’ll still have to contend with seasons changing between summer and winter, but you’ll have to head out into the world to find Helthings and Jotnar when you’re ready for some combat.

Rather than buying gear and supplies from vendors, the new Survival mode requires you to craft your own equipment. You’ll have to set up new crafting stations, like the tool grinder and weapon furnace, in order to construct the things you’ll need to build up your village and defeat enemies.

There’s still more coming with Survival 2.0 in Tribes of Midgard. Norsfell Games says the maps generated in this mode are bigger than any of the others in the game, and they’re generated to be specifically tailored to Survival mode. You’ll be able to use beds as respawn points, light bonfires to stay warm at night, and use shrines as fast travel points.

Season 3: Inferno Saga begins August 16, and it’ll be a perfect opportunity to fire up Tribes of Midgard to see what’s new.