Trine 2 trailer highlights the best community maps

trine 2 trailer mods community maps frozenbyte

Trine 2’s almost three years old but that’s not diminished the popularity of Frozenbyte’s co-op platformer. If anything, it’s grown.

Back in September, Frozenbyte released mapmaking tools for the community and in two months they’ve come up with some cracking creations.

Frozenbyte’s released a trailer showing off the best of them.

The map maker is tied into the Steam Workshop so it’s easy to browse new creations, search for the most popular and highest rated. Plus, installing them to your copy of Trine 2 can be done with a quick mouse click.

The maps used in the trailer are as follows:

  • A Moontale by PantheraMoving
  • Ancient ruins by 9892qwerty9892
  • Donkey Kong by cjellifish
  • Large cave by 9892qwerty9892
  • Naked Castle by Legion
  • The Call of the Void by cjellifish

You can find them all in the workshop.