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Beta editors for Trine and Trine 2 have been released, so now you can do a bit of magic

Trine editor

Trine and Trine 2 are rather lovely, so much so that even a miserable chap who isn’t much of a fan of platformers, like myself, has nice things to say about them. They’ve been around for a while, and they are so often on sale and in bundles that most of you probably have copies. So good news: you can now fiddle with them thanks to the editor, which has been released  in a public beta for both games by developer Frozenbyte.

Frozenbyte has been holding off from releasing the editor until now because the the tool is a bit tricky and complicated, and there was a dearth of documentation. It’s still tricky and complicated, unfortunately, but now there’s a wiki with some basic instructions on how to start using the editor.

“It’s an open wiki after you’ve registered, so anyone can edit and post information, and we hope that people will start to share their knowledge with everyone,” the developer explains. “We’ll also be updating the wiki ourselves and tracking that all the instructions are correct and up-to-date.”

The editor, should you learn how to use it, will allow you to edit maps or make entirely new ones, among other things. It’s the same tool Frozenbyte used to make the games, so it should put a fair amount of power in your hands.

Two versions of the editor exist – one for both games.

Here’s the instructions for downloading and installing the Trine Enhanced Edition editor, and check here for the Trine 2 version.