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Tropico 5 retail version delayed until June 17th; Penultimo likely to blame

Tropico 5 retail delay

Tropico 5 is out now; here’s our Topico 5 review.

Ah, retail. As I’m currently suffering a shoddy, but temporary connection, I’ve been frustrated with how long it takes to download anything, but I’ll still happily take it over traditional retail. A sentiment a few folk who ordered the retail version of Tropico 5 now share, no doubt. 

Tropico 5’s physical release has been postponed in North America thanks to a delay in the packaging manufacturing. But at least the boxes will be nice and shiny when delivered. 

The digital version launched on May 23rd, but the retail version still hasn’t been released in North America. The new release date is June 17th.

“Fans and consumers who pre-ordered Tropico 5 for retail will be glad to know that the teams are working hard to solve the manufacturing issue and that they will receive the complete Tropico 5 retail package on this date,” says Kalypso.

At least it should be worth the wait. While by no means a revolution of the formula, Tropico 5 is yet another entertaining, clever city-builder. The series could do with a bit of freshening up, but it’s still a lot more enjoyable than fighting with SimCity.

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